What Is the Best Karat Gold for a Necklace?

What Is the Best Karat Gold for a Necklace?

Your friends or family have told you 14k is the best gold, but the jeweler is telling you 24k is the best. Knowing the karat gold measurement of your necklace can give you a better idea how much it’s worth, which, in turn, can help you sell it.

Difference Between Carat and Karat

Carat and karat sound exactly the same. Is there a difference? Absolutely, which can be a little confusing when you’re talking about jewelry. A carat (ct), not to be confused with carrot, is the unit of mass, defined as 200 milligrams, used to describe gemstones or pearls. A karat (k) is a measure of purity used to describe gold. Each karat is 1/24 of a whole.

What Karat Gold is Most Pure?

Gold is a soft metal, so it’s often combined with other metals to make it stronger or change the color. The karat measurement indicates what proportion of the piece is actually gold. Pure gold is 24k because all 24 portions are gold. A 14k gold necklace, on the other hand, will contain 14 parts gold and the other 10 parts would be other metals. It’s not that a 10k or 14k necklace is fake, it just means there’s not as much gold in the piece and it may not be worth as much as a 24k gold necklace if you use a gold estimator to calculate the value.

Selling Gold

Today on the market, though, 18k gold is considered valuable and can be sold for a great price, if you know the right place and the right people. Use a gold estimator before you sell gold; it’s an easy way to appraise the value of your jewelry.

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